Wood Chip

Following recent changes in the market and with the ever need for renewable energy, ABBA Tree Specialists have branched into producing wood chip for biomass, as well as a natural source of bedding on gardens, equine yards and pens and the like.
We’ve invested in a Heizohack trailed chipper, which we’re travelling with all across the county and further.
In helping farmers with field clearance in their land management, or tree clearance due to the trunk roads legislation,  we’re using our tree shears, our new Valtra tractor and chipper to produce wood chip which you can purchase in bulk or as small as you need. By chipping the excess wood and brash, we’re ensuring less waste where as normally this would be burnt on site by the farmers.
For the last five months, we’ve been delivering smaller quantities to equestrian yards, nurseries as well as your private gardens, and have had some very happy customers.
Whereas wood bark is still widely used in garden and nurseries, research trials have illustrated how wood chip performs better. Wood chip provides better weed suppression, temperature moderation and moisture retention, and is slower in degrading. Wood chip is also more likely to be sourced from multiple sites; unlike bark, and thus more sustainable and environmentally friendly! Source: Dr Leonard Perry, Department of Plant & Soil Science, University of Vermont Extension.
If you would like to find out more, or would like a quote; whether you’re a business or a homeowner, please get in touch!