Tree Services New Quay

Our Tree Service includes:

Tree surgery
Conservation and TPO applications ( Tree Preservation Order)
Chipper hire
Dangerous tree/confined tree removal
Tree felling

Increasing light into the garden through
Crown reduction and reshaping of the tree
Crown thinning
Crown lifting
Hedge cutting/reductions
Crown cleaning and deadwood pruning
Stump grinding
Tree work on trees with TPO  (Tree preservation order)


Felling – If the location allows it, this can be the quickest and easiest method of removing problem trees. We will often use a combination of wedges and a pulling rope installed in the tree to ensure the direction of fell is controlled at all times.

Large Tree Dismantling – When dismantling large trees we use a combination of the latest rigging techniques and equipment to ensure that branches are lowered to a designated drop zone in a safe and controlled manner.

Using these methods we can efficiently take down large trees which have outgrown their locations without causing damage to surrounding buildings, plants and features etc.

Cable Bracing – Cable bracing is a flexible system of branch support used in the crown to support branches which are unstable and could fail, this can be a great way to extend the life of mature trees where heavy pruning operations may be detrimental to their health or character.


Tree Surgery Aberystwyth

Reducing Tree Height

Crown Reduction – This involves a reduction in the height and overall dimensions of a tree while still preserving its aesthetics by pruning each branch back to a carefully selected growth point.

This reduces the risk of branches being shed in high winds as the wind-sail is reduced and is an effective way of allowing more light into a property and can open up the view.

Crown thinning/Cleaning –   Crown thinning involves the removal of carefully selected branches throughout the crown, which reduces wind-sail and in turn relieves the trunk of some stress.

It also allows more light to penetrate through the crown and can improve the aesthetics of a tree. Crown thinning is most usefully employed in cases of weakened trunks through physical damage of disease.

Crown Raising – This involves the removal of a trees lower limbs and can often be the most effective way to allow light into your garden or open up a view.


Pollarding –  Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow. Depending on species, growth is either cut back to main scaffold branches or all the way back to the stem. This method of tree pruning is quite drastic and some species respond better than others, tree condition also needs to be taken into account.

Tree Services New Quay

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Tree Surgery Aberystwyth
Tree Surgery Aberystwyth
Tree Surgery Aberystwyth